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fees: Investment in experience and expertise not money down the drain.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors historically published recommended fee scales for the work of surveyors which included property management, commercial agency, valuation, rent review and lease renewal matters.  However in the 1980s the Government took the view that such scales were contrary to the principle of fair market competition and the fee scale recommendations for general practice was abandoned in March 1982 at the behest of the Monopolies Commission. 

baker commercial therefore has set down a broad standard for their fees as follows but are quite prepared to negotiate these on a case to case basis:-

1. Review/Lease Renewal

Fees normally equate to between 5% and 10% + VAT of the annual average rental agreed.  However baker commercial are prepared to deal with advices and negotiations on an incentive basis and in a number of those cases are prepared to advise and negotiate for a fee equating to a percentage of the rent saved when acting for a tenant or the rent gained when acting for a landlord without any basic fee.  Therefore no saving or increase achieved, no fee! 

2. Commercial Agency

For the letting of a property fees equate to 10% + VAT and disbursements of the annual average rental.

For sale of freehold on a sole agency basis 2% + VAT and disbursements.

In all cases fees may be negotiated dependent upon individual circumstances.